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My elliptical is wobbly and makes noise

 Sounds like the elliptical needs maintenance. An elliptical gets big weight transfer from left to right. The frame flexes and the frame bolts loosen. The loose bolts create more flex and when the frame flexes the pedals and arms bind. That puts extra wear and tear on the bushings and bearings. Schedule a maintenance appointment right away!

Why does my walking belt run off to the side all the time? I keep adjusting it but it keeps moving?

Walking belts can shift to the right or left side for several reasons. In most cases one can adjust the rear roller and reset the position of the belt to the center. In some cases however, it could be more complicated.. For example, sometimes the floor is unleveled, or the treadmill is moved from one unleveled area to another, or the walk belt itself is worn beyond its usable life. If your belt will not stay centered call for service.  

It feels like my walking belt is slipping, do I need a new belt?

Probably not. It probably needs to be adjusted. The combination of the wear and tear and tension from the rollers causes the belt to stretch ever so slightly over time. Occasionally the rear roller needs to be adjusted to compensate for the lengthening. We pay special attention to walking belts when we do maintenance.

What is included in a maintenance plan?

When we do maintenance we do it the way the manufacturer intended it to be done. We get our hands dirty and get inside the unit to clean and adjust and lube and balance and align EVERYTHING. Then we vacuum the vents and under and around the equipment. And finally we wipe it down with a disinfectant and polish it with equipment polish so it shines for your customers.

Do I have to pay in advance for my maintenance visits or can I pay as you go?

We get it – money is always a concern. So if you can’t pay for an annual contract upfront that is not a problem, you can pay as you go. The only difference between pay as you go plans versus a paid in advance plans is that we can not provide free repairs in between visits.  We still give you free emergency service and discounts on parts.

Do you sell commercial strength equipment too?

We sure do. Tuff Stuff has been a leader in commercial strength equipment for 40 years. Their unique look and functional operation continually impress users in gyms and fitness rooms across the US and the globe.

How do your Maintenance Plans work?

We have flexible and affordable maintenance plans that take the worry out of your life and keep your equipment running smoother longer. Based on your usage we will tailor a plan that works for you. Our technician will arrive on a pre-arranged day and will perform professional manufacturer approved maintenance on all your equipment. Now here’s the part where you really save big money – if your equipment breaks down or has a problem in between visits WE FIX IT FOR FREE! You pay only for parts. And if you have an emergency…. As one of our valued Maintenance Contract Holders you jump to the front of the line and get FAST SERVICE and discounts too!

What about strength equipment, can I buy a home gym from you?

You sure can. We proudly sell Tuff Stuff Home and Commercial strength equipment. The Tuff Stuff product lineup is both impressive and affordable. Tuff Stuff has been around for almost 50 years. They make everything from a simple flat bench to the new ultra sleek SPT 6 pack trainer, a unique product that is revolutionizing the look of home fitness equipment.

What is the warranty on your Fitness equipment?

The best in the business! You get 5 years of parts no questions asked…. Every part is included. Labor is covered for 2 years.

Do you sell new cardio fitness equipment?

We sell commercial and residential cardio equipment. And we provide service, delivery and installation. All performed by Fit Service professional technicians and mechanics.  

What types of equipment do you service?

We service all types of fitness equipment including treadmill, elliptical, stationary bikes, rowers, steppers and all kinds of strength equipment.


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We offer top brands of commercial and residential fitness equipment for your gym, home or office. Find the best prices here! Best prices on all fitness equipment including treadmill, elliptical, bikes and all types of strength training equipment.


Equipment Service

Factory authorized service and repair on all major brands. Maintenance plans are available to keep your equipment running smooth and trouble free. Offering specialized maintenance plans that keep equipment running smooth and trouble free. Ask for a free consultation.


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Looking for new equipment, we offer top quality fitness equipment for your commercial facility or your home gym always at discount prices. Take advantage of our experience with computerized floor planning, layout and design. We have the name brands you want and the experience to deliver.


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  • Excellent!

    Monday, March 18, 2019

    Kevin was excellent! B

  • If my Dad says so

    Wednesday, February 27, 2019

    Dave, thanks again for taking care of my father and his treadmill issues. The service was great and Joe was courteous and professional as always. Dave. if my father raves about someone that tells you all you need to know! Thanks again for all your help and i know for sure we will be doing business again down the road! Sincerely, Tony M

  • I would recommend you

    Wednesday, February 27, 2019

    I really appreciate your time and your technician, Kevin, was great. I would definitely reach out again and recommend you to anyone who asked. Paul B

  • Professional Service Tech!

    Thursday, January 31, 2019

    Dave your service tech came today and replaced my cables. He was very knowledgeable, professional and did a great job. Thanks again. Justin, NH

  • Loving it!

    Wednesday, January 23, 2019

    David, Just wanted to say I'm loving my new Spirit treadmill. I will def recommend you guys and Spirit equipment. Have a great weekend. Julie R

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